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Is there a warranty on my purchase?

Ten Thousand offers a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind all our products and are confident that they will perform as designed.

Any defective gear (due to materials or craftsmanship) that prevents the product from performing can be returned for a replacement at any point during the lifetime of the product - just contact us at [email protected]. In addition, we offer free returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. 

If your item is experiencing defects as described above - please attempt to contact us for a replacement before making alterations! Any alterations made to the product (such as cutting out a liner, cropping shirts, home repairs, etc.) after the product has been received will result in a voiding of the warranty on your purchase.

Issues that are not covered by our warranty would be anything considered such as pilling, wrinkling, slight color fading, stretching and broken drawstring caps are natural occurrences that happen over time. The more washes the product endures, the faster it will occur. Any physical damage caused by outside factors ( liquids, burns, food or misuse of the product) will not be covered under the warranty.

Please note that the lifetime guarantee / warranty will only be applied to products purchased from any official Ten Thousand website. The warranty / guarantee will not be provided for any third party purchases or other brands that are not Ten Thousand.

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