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How do I reach the Decem Milia tier?Updated 3 months ago

In order to reach Decem Milia status you need to accumulate a total spend of $1000 since the launch of our Rewards Program.

How do you earn points? 

  • 1 point for Every Dollar Spent on the website per transaction for every customer
  • You need to be logged into your loyalty account for the points to accumulate
  • Points accumulate over time and can be redeemed for rewards
    • You can redeem points on your account page
    • Points do expire if there has been no activity on your account after 1 year.

* Points earned and total dollars spent are tracked separately. Points earned can be used to redeem rewards, while total dollars spent determines your Decem Milia status.

For more information regarding the Decem Milia tier and the perks please visit our Decem Milia page https://www.tenthousand.cc/pages/decem-milia

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